Saturday, May 13, 2017

Pat the NES Punk Punch!

The #CUPodcast is one of our favorite shows along with Pat the NES Punk on YouTube.  That being said, I naturally had to create a theme drink in Pat's honor.  The drink was very well received and is featured on the cocktail menu at a popular New Jersey bar.  I highly recommend making one of these awesome drinks and listening to the show.  Psst... we have an Ian's Elixir drink recipe coming soon!


1 OZ Dark Rum
1 OZ Coconut Rum
1 OZ Pineapple Juice
1/4 OZ Lime Juice
3-4 OZ Crabbies Scottish Raspberry Ginger Beer 

Glass: Mason Jar                                    Garnish: Orange Wedge, Lime Wedge, & Pineapple Leaf

Mixing Procedure: Shake all ingredients except ginger beer with ice, strain into a mason jar filled with fresh ice.  Top with 3-4 oz of Crabbies Scottish Raspberry Ginger Beer.  Stir gently and garnish with an orange wedge, lime  wedge, and pineapple leaf.

Tune in next Saturday for Ian's Elixir!

Use Your Words Game and Booze Your Words Cocktail!

On March 15th 2017, Geek Mixology had the privilege of serving a cocktail we created for the popular new party game Use Your Words.  Our drink creation was called Booze Your Words and was served via a launch party at YouTube Spaces in New York City.  Attending were some of YouTube's biggest stars.  Everyone was so nice and I wish I could find all my pictures from this amazing night.  Special thanks to all involved.

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